Vermont Media Exchange

The Vermont Media Exchange (VMX) is a collaborative effort of members of the Vermont Access Network working with cable operators in Vermont. Community Media Access Centers have joined together through VAN to enable video file-sharing in order to facilitate the distribution of programs produced in one Vermont town that that may be of interest to other regions of the state.

VMX Governing Committee

The VMX is managed by a seven-person committee elected by VAN members each May for two-year terms at the VAN Annual Members Meeting.  At the May 2019 VAN Annual Members Meeting, the following individuals whose terms (year) will end in 2021 were elected & ratified.  Its officers were chosen at its regular monthly June meeting:

  • Kim Villemaire, (Chair) Ch17, Burlington  (2021)
  • Drew Frazier, (Vice Chair), RETN, Burlington (2020)
  • Cor Trowbridge (Secretary), BCTV, Brattleboro (2020)
  • Jim Hering, MMCTV, Richmond (2020)
  • Jamie Dimick , KATV, St. Johnsbury (2021)
  • Rob Chapman, ORCA, Montpelier (2021)
  • Rebecca Padula, LCATV, Colchester (2021)

VMX Committee Meeting Minutes

The VMX Committee meets by telephone conference call on the fourth Thursday afternoon of the month, and you can read its minutes HERE.  Address your questions and comments about the minutes to Secretary Cor Trowbridge, Brattleboro Community Television.

An Access Center’s Commitment to VMX

To participate in the Statewide PEG Interconnect, known as Vermont Media Exchange (VMX), each Community Media Access Center had to confirm its understanding and acceptance of the financial, administrative, and operational commitment associated with statewide digital file-sharing, and would exchange programs under these contractual terms and conditions:

  1. Offer and accept shared statewide programs as appropriate for PEG access in my local service area;
  2. Participate in preparation, set-up and training for local operation of VMX for digital file-sharing of programs;
  3. Dedicate AMO staff and/or volunteer time as appropriate for participation in VMX;
  4. Allocate AMO administrative, operational, and personnel time and financial support as needed to implement VMX at my AMO;
  5. Notify the VMX Governing Committee as soon as practicable of any significant technical, operational, financial, administrative, or other problems systemic to VMX that may occur during my AMO’s participation in VMX;
  6. Work with the VMX Governing Committee to resolve any significant problems that hinder my AMO’s participation in VMX;
  7. Understand that any routine technical problems in the day-to-day operation of my local AMO and its standard commercial service from my cable operator should continue to be dealt with through direct contact with my cable operator;
  8. Act as the gatekeeper for VMX programming and provide guidance and support for determining Creative Commons licensing, indemnification, and compliance with applicable copyright law;
  9. Provide information and documentation to VAN for Statewide PEG reporting to cable operators.