Timothy Nulty’s Prefiled Testimony

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Dr. Nulty’s prefiled testimony addresses the following matters in support of the Vermont Access Network (“VAN”): VOIP telephone, digital cable television and broadband signals, transmitted over the same fiber or coaxial cable in a modern IP-based, triple-play telecommunication system, are regulated quite differently. Dr. Nulty explains these differences, and explains why he believes that many of the regulatory distinctions made between these services, in logical and practical terms, don’t make sense, and in fact, the definitions of a cable television system in current federal and state laws apply to broadband delivery of television signals. Support of PEG Access services should be required of all video services providers, regardless of how the video is distributed throughout the telecommunication system.

The following Exhibit is submitted in support of Dr. Nulty’s testimony:
NULTY-1.01, Pg 1-27, 2014 Vermont Telecommunications Plan Public Comments Draft