Steven Pappas’ Prefiled Testimony

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Mr. Pappas’ prefiled testimony addresses the following matters in support of the Vermont Access Network (“VAN”): Compliance by Charter of its PEG access related CPG conditions; PEG access channel designation; PEG access channel re-assignment; invitations to bi-ennial municipal leader meetings; Cable Advisory Board; Interactive Program Guide and other forms of outreach assistance; tri-ennial evaluation of AMO needs; PEG access High Definition Channels; provision of higher broadband speed to AMOs; Expansion of basis of PEG funding to include Broadband revenues; AMO Service Territory Interconnection; Remote Origination Sites.
The following Exhibits are submitted in support of Mr. Pappas’ testimony.
1. PAPPAS.1-01, Letter of Support, City of Barre
2. PAPPAS.1-02, Letter of Support, Town of Barre
3. PAPPAS.1-03, Letter of Support, Town of Plainfield
4. PAPPAS.1-04, Charter Channel Reassignment Letter July 30, 2014
5. PAPPAS.1-05, Municipal channels moving, Fort Worth, TX
6. PAPPAS.1-06, Charter PEG Channel Letter to San Gabriel, Jan 31, 2014
7. PAPPAS.1-07, Charter stands firm in moving PEG Channels, Reno, NV
8. PAPPAS.1-08, CVTV CNA Encounter, Interview & NPO Sector Survey Results
9. PAPPAS.1-09, CVTV Internet Speed Tracking, Feb 2014