Michael Monte’s Prefiled Testimony

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Mr. Monte’s prefiled testimony addresses the following matters in support of the Vermont Access Network (“VAN”): Factors pointing to the need to broaden PEG Access funding to include broadband video services revenues; Factors affecting PEG AMO funding; PEG Access Channel Re-assignment; PEG signal quality standards.
The following Exhibits are submitted in support of Mr. Monte’s testimony:
1. MONTE-1.01, “Evidence Grows on TV Cord-Cutting.”
2. MONTE-1.02, Charter Subscribers TV & Broadband, 2003-2013
3. MONTE-1.03, Charter Cable TV Subs, 2007 to 2013
4. MONTE-1.04, Bloomberg Netflix and YouTube Dominate Online Video
5. MONTE-1.05, Charter Response to VAN Interrogatory No. 46.
6. MONTE-1.06, Charter Net Benefits Video Advertisement HD720
7. MONTE-1.07, Charter Response to VAN Interrogatory No. 62.
8. MONTE-1.08, CRS Report, Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) Access Cable Television Channels, October 7, 2011
9. MONTE-1.09, Charter Channel Reassignment Letter July 30, 2014
10. MONTE-1.10, Table 12 of DPS Community Needs Assessment Survey
11. MONTE-1.11, Table 15 of DPS Community Needs Assessment Survey
12. MONTE-1.12, Comcast PEG Access Survey 2009, Summary Results