VAN: The Vermont Access Network

Vermont Access Network (VAN) connects 25 Community Media Centers that together operate 81 local cable channels across Vermont. Sixty-seven of these are standard definition (SD) and fourteen are high definition (HD).  VAN Members use emerging communications technologies to:

  • foster free speech
  • encourage civic engagement
  • enhance public discourse
  • allow elected officials and community members to communicate better

VAN Members work for Vermont.  They . . .

  • employ 101 full-time equivalents of professional staff
  • train and engage hundreds of volunteer community producers from elementary students to senior citizens and every demographic in between
  • present more than 18,000 hours of local video programs every year
  • work with state and local officials to develop new funding strategies that preserve local PEG access
  • provide PEG Access to more Vermonters through the use of broadband technologies

It has been conservatively estimated that our 25 community media access centers annually provide over $30 million in services to Vermont’s nonprofit, educators, libraries, municipalities, and individuals–giving back to our communities five times the funding provided to us by Vermont’s six largest cable television companies.

VAN’s Governance

As per VAN’s Bylaws, VAN members vote each May to fill the expiring and vacant seats of its seven-Director Board.  The Directors elect their officers:  a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and a Regional Representative for the four AMO Regions.  AMOs whose facilities are located within the quadrants created by US Route 4 and Vermont Route 100 are members of that Region.

The Board meets monthly, usually via conference call, the fourth Tuesday of each month.  You can download and read the minutes of its meetings for the current and prior fiscal year.