Watch or Submit a Program

Is There a Program You’d Like to See?

If you’re aware of a program that was produced somewhere in Vermont that you would like to see, it may be available through your local Community Media Access Center (CMAC). If they can find it, they can schedule it to play on one of your cable channels, and/or give you a link where you can watch it online.

Here are the things you’ll need to do to make this happen:

  1. Have the Title of the Program, or anything else you know about the Program, such as: its Content or Theme, When it was produced, Where it was produced, Who produced it, etc.
  2. Contact your local Community Media Access Center. You can go to our directory to find the CMAC that serves your community. What to do if you don’t have a CMAC.

Your CMAC has access to a huge library of programs produced throughout the state of Vermont through a system called the Vermont Media Exchange. There’s no guarantee, but the more information you have about the program, the more likely they’ll be able to find it.

But if your CMAC does find the program, they can schedule it and let you know when to see it on your local PEG access channel, or they might give you a link to watch it streamed over the Internet, or they might even be able to make a DVD copy for you for a small fee.

Have a Program to Distribute around the State?

Before the Vermont Access Network developed the Vermont Media Exchange (VMX), it was pretty complicated and time-consuming to make copies of your program, address packages to all CMACs, and then hope they’d play it. CMACs will only play noncommercial, nonprofit programming whose content also meet other guidelines.

But now, if you want to distribute a copy of a program you produced (or you have distribution rights to), you’ll be able to do so pretty easily. You’ll still have to take time to contact all the CMACs where you’d like it shown, but your local CMAC will be able to at least upload it to one central location where Access Centers will download and play your program if they get a request to do so.

Here are the things you’ll need to do to make it happen:

  1. Contact your local Community Media Access Center.¬†You can go to our directory to find the CMAC that serves your community. What to do if you don’t have a CMAC.
  2. Deliver a full-marked copy to your CMAC. Make it the highest quality possible, preferably following the technical instructions that your CMAC staffperson provides you.
  3. Fill out the CMAC’s form where you take full responsibility for the content of the program, particularly the legal right to distribute it. If you are the producer, you also assume the responsibility for any copyright, libel, slander or obscenity contained in the program.
  4. When the CMAC has told you that your program has been uploaded into the VMX system and given you its filename, you should then make personal contact with each of the CMACs who you want to download, schedule and play your program. They will need your program’s VMX identifying information to find it, and you’ll also hear about any special policies that govern their particular program lineup. (Read a brief summary of local VMX programming policies.)

Remember: Just because you’ve uploaded your program into the VMX system, it does NOT mean that a CMAC will automatically play your program. Making personal contact by phone or email with each CMAC is extremely important. Even if your program gets scheduled, equally important is doing what you can to publicize the days and times it will be showing on the local cable channels. The CMAC staff will be able to help you with email, publicized schedule, social media and other PR venues they may have.

If you’ve not already done so, your CMAC will also be able to advise and assist you in uploading your program to their website archive, a YouTube channel, a Vimeo account, or some other publicly-accessible video cloud service.